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Assos village in Kefalonia - Fantastic Views Apartments and Rooms

Fantastic Views Apartments

In this environment we have created a complex of apartments "Fantastic Views." The location, friendly environment, tranquility and natural beauty of the area will amaze you and your urge to know and love the island. The apartments "Fantastic Views" consists of 2 apartments that can accommodate 2 to 4 people each, ideal for groups and families, and 2 studios for 2 to 3 people. We also have a Double Room available to accommodate up to 2 guests. All apartments are fully furnished and have spacious balconies overlooking the beach of Assos and the deep Ionian Sea.


Assos is a small peninsula on the west side of Eryssou ready to gush into the sea. But a small stalk connects the island and forms a bay, anchorage for boats in the area. You stand and look at the really good mood this touch of nature. When the protoagnantepseis from above gives you the impression of green leaf struggles to free itself from the stone volume Eryssou. There, the namesake picturesque small town of Assos moving up the wave and in color on the blue and green. All fluids are here, but all in harmony and complement each other eye-catching.

Old houses and new buildings show that the party that embraces the love and care for residents. Art and beauty, remains the last century, still retained within the bougainvilleas and jasmine. Most inhabitants are sailors. Meet in the port of Assos picturesque traditional fisherman faces, ready to welcome you, to travel with their stories, but also to carry the boats around them to remote beaches with large white pebbles, and an access to these only by sea.

The village was destroyed in 1953, but the help of France gave her breath again. The Assiotis not forget their benefactors and called it square with the tall trees, the Paris Square. Assos lying on the sea, the evening shadows and reflected lights. Taverns, restaurants and ouzo taverns invite visitors to enjoy the delicious fruit of the sea. Seductress in the eye and horn call is the Ace.

It is certain that this small peninsula with a small town bands history. The name comes, say, passing by ancient navigators Assiotis by Ace of Asia Minor. Kamari and guardian of the Venetian region impregnable castle. Surname Castle, built in 1593 to protect the inhabitants from the frequent attacks of pirates and invaders. The power did not know. I never dared the enemy to try. Are standing and wait for visitors to see and imagine the years of glory.

The view up the castle, which nature has created and nested it in place is the reward for the long path that brings you there in eagle forgotten. I admire the proud cypress spear in defiance of heaven, will hear the waves to talk to the rock and embraces the magical side of such site. In front of you stretching out in tiny but spectacular all the dominant ace.

Northwest Kefalonia: a verdant peninsula surrounded by the blue Ionian Sea and an imposing fortress stands eternal guard reminiscent of another era. You are the ace, the most traditional and picturesque village of northern Kefalonia milestone in the history of the island and the most favorite tourist destination of our era.


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